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Transportation to/from Porto Carras Resort

Thessaloniki (SKG) has flights arriving from Athens and several European cities. Please refer to this link Thessaloniki Arrivals to help you determine the best service into SKG.

Complimentary FIPSE Bus Service

Sunday, June 24

To reach the conference location, FIPSE has arranged for Three (3) busses from the Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) to Port Carras Resort. The cost of this transportion is included in your registration fee.

  • FIPSE Bus #1 will depart SKG at 12:00 noon (following arrival at 11:00 of OA Flight #110 from Athens)
  • FIPSE Bus #2 will depart SKG at 15:15 (following the arrival at 14:25 of OA Flight #116 from Athens)
  • FIPSE Bus #3 will depart SKG at 17:45 (following the arrival at 14:50 of OA Flight #120 from Athens)

Each bus only has a capacity of 20 persons. Therefore you will need to reserve a seat on the conference registration form. If you are unsure of your arrival, you may return to your registration form at a later date to make the reservation. Note, that once the bus capacity has been reached, you will have to select another time. If all times have been filled, contact, Robin Craven for assistance.

The estimated travel time from the airport to the resort is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Thursday, June 28

For the return to the Thessaloniki Airport (SKG) FIPSE has arranged for ONE (1) bus.

  • FIPSE Bus #5 will depart the resort at 09:00. This bus has a capacity of 50 persons.
  • A second bus with capacity of 20 will only be added if necessary.
  • You must also make a reservation for FIPSE Bus #5 on the registration form.

Other Transportation Methods

If you choose not to take one of the FIPSE busses, you can always rent a car or a taxi. If you need assistance with taxi arrangements, contact Robin Craven and we may be able to provide you with additional information.

There is a shuttle service called Shuttle Direct that is also available. We have not further information or experience with this service.


Google Map - Thessaloniki Airport to Porto Carras Resort

Map from SKG to Resort
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