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FIPSE 1 & 2 Overall Evaluation Comments

    I found FIPSE-1 to be an excellent forum for open, collaborative exchange between academia, industry, and vendors. The unique format allowed for a good deal of discussion on the diverse session topics, and this extended beyond the formal conference program and into the well-prepared social program. Not only was there plenty of opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues, but also there was ample opportunity to get to know them on a personal and professional level, which was great from a networking perspective. The icing on the cake was that FIPSE was held in a beautiful location with a great group of folks who made the experience a lot of fun. (Cote, USA)
    I think the meeting was excellent. The most important facet of the meeting was the ample time for discussion. This rather unusual feature was very stimulating and kept the interest of participants high. I got a lot from this meeting! (Vlachos, USA)
    "I truly believe that this is a great initiative. Today we go to conferences to "present papers" while we should "share scientific ideas". FIPSE goes exactly in the right direction". (Dochain, Belgium)
    “Day 2 met the goals of the conference more than either of the other two. The third, in spite of its being interesting, did not satisfy the goal of providing broad new directions. There were many specific directions for a running program, but one looked more than that.” (Ramkrishna, USA)
    “You have again best yourself and I want to congratulate you for this perfectly organized and professionally stimulating conference. Especially the combination of interesting scientific scope and the wonderful social interaction is unique and you can certainly count on my participation for FIPSE-2. (Allgöwer, Germany)
    “Would be great to facilitate the discussions more. Maybe push the speakers more to be provocative” (Rolf Findeison, Germany)
    “FIPSE was the most informative and rewarding conference I have been to as a graduate student. The change of format really suited the content, and by running a series of cohesive talks, followed by ample discussion time, I found I could take away much more useful information than a regular conference session. Couple this with a spectacular venue and FIPSE was a fantastic success.” (Currie, New Zealand)
    “This excellent, new kind of conference that you organized in the magnificent setting of the Western Peloponnese seems a long time ago now and I am now mired in current my day job as an HOD. Anyway, I found this one of the most stimulating and valuable conferences that I have attended because of its focused nature and the ability to meet and interact with all the speakers and participants” (Young, New Zealand)
    "The formal presentations provided a great overview of the challenges in the areas covered, and the ability to have substantial in-depth discussions around those challenges was an excellent outcome from the sessions. Having a small number of people provided a chance to really tease out some of the important issues for future innovation in the PSE areas covered by the conference. In this sense it was more satisfying than a major international conference: and so it should be. I hope that the format can be maintained and enhanced in FIPSE-2". (Cameron, Australia)
    "Very good conference. Discussion [was] an excellent idea. Please keep the relative low number of participants" (anonymous)
    “One of the best conferences I have participated into. I wish I did not miss the first day! Very smooth, very informative, great speakers, very interactive, also very relaxing and enjoyable” (anonymous)
    "Very good. There are certain points to improve for next time: More interaction between speakers and session organizers prior o conference; better selection of participants (including post-docs); more advance notice. (anonymous)
    "Very informative, great discussion, and an excellent change of format" (anonymous)
    “Very good idea. Talks generally good, discussions OK. Need to ensure talks are roadmap proposals, rather than reviews of the past. Discussions should be done in focus groups that then come together” (anonymous)
    Good start; need some more structure in the discussions (breakout etc.) (anonymous)
    “Very good innovative type of conference! I think, we should organize the discussion sessions in a better way, e.g. discuss in smaller groups and then an overall discussion with all participants. Perhaps also ask the speakers for a summary of their talks to be distributed to the participants before coming to the conference. I also suggest to ask the participants about their thoughts on the topics before coming” (anonymous)
    “I have no particular comments apart from the fact that I am really happy that I had the opportunity to be present” (anonymous)
    “Good and innovative conference format. For the next conference, I propose a tighter integration of the different topics and inviting colleagues in order to have more controversial discussions. More industry input like from Aaron would also be appreciated” (anonymous)
    Comparing with what one gets in the established conferences, a refreshing air of reflection” (anonymous)
    “Interesting as participants could discuss between themselves very freely, also due to the low number of participants” (anonymous)
    “I believe the FIPSE-2 conference was a nice improvement of FIPSE-1. Discussions were better focused and outcomes were clearer” (anonymous)
    “It was an excellent learning opportunity. [I] Never had the chance to have so many discussions in any other conference.” (anonymous)
    “Excellent format and a very good mix of people and excellent discussions”(anonymous)
    “Excellent concept and conference” (anonymous)
    “Excellent Meeting, lots of discussions, friendly atmosphere. Nice Contacts” (anonymous)
    “This is a forum for developing/sharing ideas for project development, which is great” (anonymous)
    “Very interesting conference, unusual … style of presentations” (anonymous)
    “The format is great, it has improved a lot from the 1st edition allowing more effective participation” (anonymous)
    ”Very interesting and stimulating conference. Thanks Christos and thanks to the Trustees for the excellent opportunity to think about our future directions?” (anonymous)
    Fantastic discussion with [a] mixture of academics and from industry, allowing for a good understanding of both prospectives” (anonymous)
    Great Conference, excellent location; [I] Like intimate setting with small group” (anonymous)
    “Interesting and different meeting. Good with time for discussion” (anonymous)
    “Very well organized … schedule leaving sufficient spare time. With moderation like on the first day, it was also very productive. Inspiring.” (anonymous)

FIPSE Trustees
Dominique Bonvin
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Prodromos Daoutidis
University of Minnesota, USA
Michael Doherty
University of California-Santa Barbara, USA
Christos Georgakis, Chair
Tufts University, USA
Jay Lee
KAIST, Korea
Costas Pantelides
Process Systems Enterprise, UK
Erik Ydstie
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
FIPSE Trustee Emeriti
Costas Kiparissides
University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Wolfgang Marquardt
Forschungszentrum, Jülich, Germany
FIPSE Executive Committee
Christos Georgakis
Dominique Bonvin
Erik Ydstie
Costas Pantelides
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Conference Manager