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The FIPSE-4 Scientific Program

Monday, June 25

Model and Process Uncertainty ��� Quantification and Usage

Organized by Rolf Findeisen (Otto-von-Guericke University)

Invited Talks:

  • "Prediction and Exploitation of Uncertainty in Dynamic Processes" Benoit Chacuat (Imperial)
  • "Optimal Control of Uncertain Systems" Richard Braatz (MIT)

Tuesday, June 26

Water Challenges from the Process Systems Engineering Perspective

Organized by Michael Doherty (University of California - Santa Barbara)

Invited Talks:

  • "Meeting the Challenges of Water Sustainability by Expanding the Boundaries of PSE" Bhavik Bakshi (OSU)
  • "PSE Paradigms for Challenges in the Water-Food-Energy" Sirish Shah (U. Alberta)

Wednesday, June 27

Material Discovery and Product Design

Organized by Christos Maravelias (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Invited Talks:

  • "What Can PSE do for Molecules? What Can Molecules do for PSE?" Claire Adjiman (Imperial)
  • "In Silico Prediction of Materials for Energy Applications" Dion Vlachos (Delaware)
  • "Challenges and Opportunities in Computational Design of Organic Photovoltaics" Nick Sahinidis (CMU)

Discussion of Open Problems

Each day, in the second half of the MORNING session, six (6) additional 5-minute presentations will be made by selected conference participants. Presenters will be selected by the session organizer from the registrants' input on their definition of Open Problems that need to be discussed at the conference.

When you go online to register, there is a section on the registration form where you are required to provide input on defining an Open Problem.

Then during the afternoon session, well-structured breakout groups will refine the definition of the Open Problems in a concrete way as to facilitate the drafting of a white paper describing the findings of the day.

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