Aldemar in Rhodes, Greece Aldemar in Rhodes, Greece Aldemar in Rhodes, Greece Aldemar in Rhodes, Greece Aldemar in Rhodes, Greece Aldemar in Rhodes, Greece Aldemar in Rhodes, Greece Aldemar in Rhodes, Greece


FIPSE 3 took place at the Aldemar all-inclusive Resort in Rhodes, Greece.

The Resort was accessible by a short taxi ride from the Rhodes Airport. The conference opened with a welcome reception on Sunday night and featured two banquets, on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. On Monday night, conference participants dined at the resort or took transportation to the City of Rhodes to dine at a restaurant of their choice.

In the past two FIPSE meetings, many participants were accompanied by their spouses or significant others.

Lodging Rates

The rates for lodging and meals were included in the conference registration fee for the conference days of June 19 - 23. Please refer to the registration link for details. Additional nights were available to select on the registration form. The all-inclusive rates for extra days were:

  • Single occupancy - €150
  • Double occupancy - €180

Once your reservations were made, the organizers provided a confirmation.

Cultural Tour: Lindos and the Medieval Old Town

Ahead of the conference, on Sunday June 19, 2016, a day-long cultural tour was organized to visit the archaeological site of Lindos and the medieval part of the city of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is an independent activity with an additional fee of €45 per person for those who selected it during registration.

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