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Short Presentations

Model Development, Deployment and Maintenance Across the Product and Process Life Cycle 

Ian Cameron
University of Queensland, Australia

Private and Tamper-proof Processing and Storage of Data in Process Control Solutions

M. Kvasnica and M. Fikar 
STU Bratislava, Slovakia

Open Challenges in the Optimization of Industrial Symbiotic Systems 

Dinesh Krishnamoorthy
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Perspectives on Approximate Robust Model Predictive Control 

Ali Mesbah
University of California – Berkeley, USA

The (in)Credible MPC: A Trustworthy Control Tool for Operators 

Leyla Özkan
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Dynamic Modifier Adaptation 

Cesar de Prada Moraga 
University of Valladolid, Spain 

Machine Learning and Data-driven Process Control 

Jie Bao
University of New South Wales, Australia 

Big Data are Not Necessarily Good Data: What are Good Data Anyways? 

Fabian Mohr*, Weike Sun*, Benben Jiang*, Lee Rippon, Ibrahim Yousef, Yiting Tsai, Richard D. Braatz*, R. Bhushan Gopaluni** 
* Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA and
**University of British Columbia, Canada

Using ML and AI to Speed-Up Large-Scale Optimization Problems 

Iiro Harjunkoski
ABB Power Grids Research, Germany and Aalto University, Finland

Model-based Reinforcement Learning for Closed-loop Constrained Optimization 

Jong Woo Kim and Jong Min Lee
Seoul National University, South Korea

What is the Future of Systems Modeling? 

Mehmet Mercangöz
ABB Future Labs, Switzerland

Hybrid Modeling Architectures for Processing Plants 

Masoud Soroush* and Yannis G. Kevrekidis**
*Drexel University, USA and 
**Johns Hopkins University, USA

Model-based Experiment Design for Pharmaceutics: From Molecular to Process Design

Claire Adjiman
Imperial College London, UK

Model Deployment: Challenges and Opportunities in a Pharmaceutical Development Environment 

Gabriele Bano, Robert E. Yule, Simeone Zomer 

Pharmaceutical Companies, Regulators and the PSE Community: Vicious or Virtuous Circle? 

Fabrizio Bezzo and Massimiliano Barolo 
University of Padova, Italy

Need for Efficient Computational Approaches to Design Space Characterization 

Benoît Chachuat
Imperial College London, UK 

Manufacture and Stabilization of Metastable Solid Form APIs 

Michael F. Doherty
University of California – Santa Barbara, USA

Challenges in Symbolic Computation for Design Space Description 

Zhao*, F. and I.E. Grossmann*, S. Stamatis** and S. García-Muñoz**
*Carnegie Mellon University, USA and
**Eli Lilly and Company, USA

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